Best Places To See In Europe 2013

Best Places To See In Europe 2013

If you are planning to visit Europe in 2013 then you must know about the basic information about the best places to visit there, then you can start focusing on the easier stuff like booking accommodation and activities. So below in this article are some of the best places see in Europe 2013 to help you out when planning your trip.


Prague - Best Places To See In EuropeThis fabulous city of Czech republic is one of the comparatively cheaper cities among the beautiful cities of Europe. You can enjoy the best quality and range of beers at unbelievable prices. Prague is known for its Astronomical clock, Castles, electiric nightlife and well priced eateries (the main reasons it’s in our ‘Best Places To See In Europe 2013′).

This place does not deserve to be missed from your vacation planning, if not just for its natural beauty then for the amazing value for money!

Londonderry / Derry Northern Ireland

Londonderry - Best Places To See In Europe
Photo Credit: Michael J Love
This historic walled city is undergoing a renovation to make it suitable to be called the City of Culture 2013 in UK. You can enjoy a number of cultural events in 2013 which include All Ireland Fleadh celebrations for 10 days (the biggest Irish festival)  and the most controversial Turner Prize along with several other events.

The hundreds of other cultural events will be buzzing the city throughout the year range from contemporary dances to spectacular musical shows. There are Lots of other festivals like Earhart Festival and Jazz Festival can also be enjoyed throughout the year.


Istanbul is considered as the place where East meets the West. The high end films produced in Istanbul had presented it as an exotic mysterious place liked by the people visiting Europe due to a combination of eastern and western cultures presented in one place. Some of the sights you get the pleasure of seeing even in the cities are quite stunning, Istanbul is definitely high up on the ‘places you need to visit before you die’ list.


This German city has a huge number of attractions for visitors and is well known for its thriving nightlife, many eateries, clubs, street art, outstanding museums and other sites of major historic interest. We had the pleasure of being in Berlin to enjoy their biggest New Year eve celebrations at the Victory Column to Brandenburg Gate. It’s an amazing experience filled with hi-tech light shows, bright colored laser beams and huge amounts of fireworks at the arrival of  the New Year.

Though there are a huge amount of other brilliant cities to see in Europe 2013, the places suggested in this article are our top picks for anyone vacationing around europe this year.

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