New Zealand’s Top 5 Tourist Attractions

New Zealand’s Top 5 Tourist Attractions

Undoubtedly, New Zealand is a country of unparalleled beauty. This otherworldly, friendly, and photogenic land offers visitors unique opportunities for exploration and adventure. These rugged islands are home to beaches, native forests, fiords, glaciers, and thermal regions that have been kept in pristine condition not only by the environmentally-conscious government, but by the culture of the natives as well.

Further, in New Zealand, modernity comes together with the traditional Maori culture in charming villages, cosmopolitan cities and vast expanses of undamaged wilderness. Heavenly and pristine, this magnificent island nation has something in store for every visitor. Below, we take a look at New Zealand’s top 5 tourist attractions as follows:

1. The Fiordland National Park

The Fiordland National Park
Characterized by stunning scenery, steep mountains, lush rain forests, deep fiords, and raging waterfalls, the Fiordland National Park is the largest park in New Zealand and one of the largest globally. It is especially renowned as home to Milford sound which was described by Rudyard Kipling as the world’s Eighth Wonder.

The park also has some of the most famous walks in addition to one of the highest waterfalls in the world- the Sutherland Falls. However, Fiordland National Park is one of the wettest places on earth and when it rains, the numerous waterfalls put on a dramatic show.

Nonetheless, on a fine day, the landscape of the area will leave you breathless.

2. Queenstown

Queenstown, New Zealand
Surrounded by mountains, this beautiful lakeside town is, arguably, the premier destination in New Zealand. Queenstown is ideal for scenic tours and adventure and is home to bungee jumping and jet boating the latter of which was invented in New Zealand.

For those who fancy extreme water sports, white water rafting and parapenting are also available. Alternatively, those who prefer a serene vacation can take in the spectacular mountain scenery whilst enjoying the numerous restaurants, cafes, and shops that are on offer.

3. The Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands, New Zealand
With over 150 islands to explore, the Bay of Islands is New Zealand’s finest maritime park. The abundant marine life here includes penguins, marlin, whales, and dolphins. The Bay as it is variously referred to, attracts tourists the world over including marine enthusiasts, golfers, and fishermen.

In addition, this tourist attraction also has historical significance as it is where the founding document of New Zealand, The Treaty of Waitangi, was signed.

4. Rotorua

Site to some of the world’s largest geothermal reserves, Rotorua is synonymous with volcanic activity. These reserves are found in Waiotapu, Waimangu, and Whakarewarewa and are littered with spectacular hot springs, geysers, boiling pools, craters, fumeroles, and volcanic terraces. The geysers at Rotorua are quite spectacular and well worth going to see!

Rotorua is also popular for its numerous lakes which are great for both fishing and swimming. Tourists will find the surrounding areas ideal for trekking with it’s abundance of wildlife and beautiful scenery. For those who wish to learn about and experience the famed Maori Culture, Rotorua is the place to go! You’ll get to learn all about them and can even take part in some of their rituals which are amazing.

5. Abel Tasman National Park

Apple Rock, Abel Tasman National Park
Despite its small size, the attractions at the Abel Tasman National Park are enormous. Located in one of New Zealand’s sunniest spots, it is by no accident that this area also boasts the country’s finest beaches characterized by gold and white sands that look out into the azure waters of the Tasman Sea.

Away from the beaches, the park is covered in lush temperate forests and a type of tea tree locally known as manuka. The Abel Tasman walk provides for a great way to take in the park’s sights and on average takes 3-5 days to complete.

And that’s that, our 5 best places to visit in New Zealand! All of them are honestly stunning so if you get the chance then don’t hesitate to go and visit New Zealand.

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